Sunday, April 20, 2008

"A Woman Writer Does Laundry"

I found this to be a thought-provoking poem about women being able to write by pushing their social constraints, but instead many find comfort in "doing laundry in the old style" (line 2). Laundry was done by women for many years and its a necessity for a family to have clean clothes. It's a safe, healthy, peaceful, and traditional thing to do. It is pure "relaxation" (line 6) to dwell in tradition because it is safe.

By Swir saying that "writing is suspect," I believe that to her writing is controversial and challenges society, so it is easier to give up typing/writing and just do laundry instead (line 8). Swir is challenging the belief of just taking the easy road. She compares writing to being "like three interrogation marks," as if writing was something questionable and unladylike to do, and also something that you were being graded on or your performance was being watched (line 10).

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