Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In Krzystof Kieslowski's film, he brings the issue of capital punishment to the foreground. His film forces you to examine your stance thoroughly. By depicting the main character, Lucja, as a person of free will, he makes our decision much more difficult. Throughout the film, he pretty well does what he pleases, whether his actions are right or wrong. Also, the film is very impersonal. We don't know any names, so it is like we are observing everything third-person. We don't get attached to any of the characters. This is intentional to makes us closely examine our own views; Kieslowski is not trying to sway our feelings on capital punishment, he is simply bringing the issue to our attention. After viewing the film, I would still say I'm against capital punishment. Sure, the main character ruthlessly kills, but should human life really be taken by the hands of other fellow humans? The issue is undoubtedly a complicated, difficult issue, but it is one worth pondering. I think Kieslowski did an excellent job presenting the issue in the way that he did.

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