Monday, April 21, 2008

A Short Film About Killing

This film happened to remind me of a lot of the existential ideas that we had discussed in one of my former philosophy classes. Throughtout the first part of the movie we witness the protagonist (a.k.a the eventual murderer) wonder through a normal life the the streets of Europe. This part of the film expresses the existential ideal that man is actually an irrational being, and there is no realy way to fully understand or analyze the actions of any man. We witness this character repeatedly cause mishchief throughout the streets. However, while are presented with a criminal, who later comes to be known as a murderer, we also discover a brighter, happier side of him as he throws ice cream at the girl's outside of the window to make them life, which in turn give an innocent snicker.
The second part of the film further looks into the irrationality of human decision. We learn of how the main character kills the taxi driver and is sentenced to death. The man's lawyer seems to be the character that presents the viewer with obvious existential questions as he questions his career's motives. At the end of the film we are presented with possibly one of the most absurd emotions of human beings. Even though this man has been convicted of cold-blooded murder, his attorney sympathizes with him at some level and we almost left feeling sorry for the man being hung for his horrific crimes. I feel that this short film deals with an array of deep existential thought and did a decent job of portraying the everyday absurdity of man's existence.

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