Monday, April 28, 2008

Happiness poem

I found some of the transitions interesting in the poem. The poet starts by feeling good about herself being happy, and mentions her hair and skin exhibiting happiness. However in the second stanza, the poet almost feels arrogant that she’s too happy about herself. She says, “I breathe happiness instead of air.” Then, she becomes sad, and says “Tears roll down my face… I forget I still have a face.” Then, in the third stanza, she feels really sad. She writes, “I feel time’s duration as it felt in the hour of death.” Later in the fourth stanza, she tries to do something about it i.e. scream. She has confused emotions, “Yet one dies from such screaming, thus I am dying from happiness.” I think the poem ends with resignation, she says, “I do not shiver any longer. I do not breathe any longer.” This poem starts talking about happiness, and ends up asking questions as to what is a real happiness. Does happiness even exist?

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