Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A time when I felt like I was in exile was when I chose to attend a high school on the north side of Indianapolis. This might not seem like much, but for my age at the time, it was significant. I lived on the south side of Indianapolis, just 2 miles away from the north side school's bitter rival. The grade school I attended was on the campus of the south side high school. There was an intense rivalry between the two schools, so you can imagine what my friends said when I told them I was heading north. I left all of my friends I had gone to school with and played sports with for 8 years to a completely different environment. While I quickly made friends at the north side school, it was different because I was still looked upon as an outsider most of the time. I thought this was a good example of "exile" (while not that intense) because it shows how just a 30 minute drive in the same city can remove you from your known environment to one where you are on the outside looking in.

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