Friday, April 25, 2008

Hitler's First Photograph

In "Hitler's First Photograph," the poet discusses one of the earliest known photos of Adolf Hitler. I found this poem to be particularly interesting because it focuses on the potential of a very controversial figure. In the poem, the author discusses the possible courses that the young Hitler's life could have taken. She talks about Hitler's possible future. She discusses who he might marry, where he might go, and what he might do. Ironically, the author contemplates the good that the young Hitler might do for humanity. The author then talks about the possible careers that Hitler could have had. She writes, "Whose teensy hand is this.... printer's, doctor's, merchants priest's (Szyborska)?" Perhaps most interestingly, the author also focuses on the innocence of the young Adolf Hitler. She calls him, "Precious little angel (Szyborska);" she says that Hitler looks "like a kitten in a basket (Szymborska)."

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