Monday, April 21, 2008

Anna Swir's "I Wash The Shirt"

I found this poem to be very emotional. It represents a girl who has lost her father and is going through the grieving process while at the same time having to look at his things and wash his clothes that remind the girl of her father. She mentions the sweat smell that is coming from her now-deceased father. The line "from all the bodies in the world, animal or human, only one exuded that sweat" reflects the strong relationship she had with her unique, undistinguishable father. At this point her loss brings her to destroy the shirt, as to never have to smell the scent that made him almost come alive again. She decides at the end that the only thing that "survives [her father]" are his paintings that smell of oil, which the narrator is probably hinting at this being yet another aroma that vividly reminds her of her father, just as his sweaty clothes had.

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