Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Still Cannot Decide

There are a few different angles in this story that throw our minds and hearts in different directions. First of all the question of capital punishment is brought up. Is it right or not? I honestly still cannot not deside for myself if I believe in this punishment. At first, I think that if a person thinks he or she has the right to kill someone, then he or she has a right to be capitally punished. I also think that it serves as a good deterrent to crime. However, morally, I side with forgiveness only in its truest form. The movie director I think wants us to feel sorry for the killer.
Now as for the reason why this murder happened...I think it had everything to do with his little sister. He was mentally damaged by this which I think lead to the murder. However, he committed a murder nonetheless. Does he deserve to be sentenced to death? I still can't decide.

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