Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hitler's First Photograph

It was interesting to see Hitler's name mentioned in such an innocent light. We always hear his name in a bad light. This poem stands for something very important in life. It goes to show that we never know what life may bring our way. Everyone starts off with a clean slate, as did Hitler. He was just a normal baby with the whole world in front of him. Ahh, the beauty of new life. As far as one can tell in the poem, Hitler is just an innocent little boy. I think the poem send two very important messages. One, we have the power to control our future. Hitler had the power to control his future as well, however, he chose to do so in a terrible way. Second and most importantly, there is always hope in new life. Hope exists in all little children. What kind of world do we want to make for this kid to live in though? How will we raise this kid to live humanely? There is always hope.

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