Friday, April 25, 2008

The Suicide's Room

This story is had to be by far the most appealing poem to me throughout the entire collection; without the exception of a few. The Suicide Room is written from the point of view of a friend that knows/knew the person that resides in the room. In the beginning of the poem there is a lot of descriptive writing to fill the reader in to what is going on and how ordinary the room looks. With this description there are also little clues thrown in to make you wonder. And as we observed in class, these clues may be cause some over analyzing. The poem ends with the line, " and he had so many friends, but all of us fit neatly inside the empty envelop propped up against a cup." This showed that the person in the room knew a lot of people but didn't really have any "real" friends. With this line, the reader also realizes that there is no note and that also leads to other assumptions.

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