Monday, April 28, 2008

My Time in Exile

Looking back over the course of my life I can think of more than just one time I have felt exiled similar to what we have seen in The Poor Mouth as well as Belly of The Atlantic. Being in exile is certainly not something to take lightly, but fortunately I have never been put in a situation as serious as those that we have witnessed through Bonaparte and Salie. One case in which I have felt exiled though would be the beginning of this, my freshman year at Wabash. Going away to college is like no other experience many young adults have ever felt before in their lives. For me, leaving home was a much awaited getaway, but it was also very nerve wracking. Moving into a house where I knew absolutely nobody was an experience I hadn't felt since my first day of pre-school. Also, in just the first few weeks of classes at Wabash I realized just how tough this year was really going to be; no more coasting through classes, I really had to buckle down. Fortunately though, this time of exile was short-lived and in just a short period of time I felt right at home. When I moved into my house I didn't know a single person, but now I have 40 people I would consider my close friends. As for classes, they haven't gotten any easier, but my interest in learning and education has grown tremendously; no longer do I feel overwhelmed, but extremely interested in the course material.

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