Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Ladies and Gentlemen, To the Gas Chamber"

In the short story by Tadeusz Borowski, there is a detached/apathetic tone towards all the killing and inhumanity. This tone also shows the struggle for life in Auschwitz among the prisoners themselves, rather than just the usual talk about death and killing. He also was very sarcastic about many of the atrocities that happened, including how the "heat was terrific" (2773) and the transport of people that were going to die was "a good, rich transport" (2786). My personal opinion is that the detached tone adds to the story because it shows much better the inhumanity of Auschwitz and all the mindless killing. As for the sarcasm, I don't believe it helps any. It works well for political satire, like in "The Poor Mouth," but I don't believe it works well here. Using a more straightforward manner to match the detached tone I believe would have worked better.

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