Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Same Inside

Anna Swir's poem 'The Same Inside' is an interesting poem about a beggar ladies effects on the speaker. There are two references to animals in this poem. This is important because one speaks of love as a savage when the speaker says, "walking to your place for a love feast"; and the other compares the instincts of a dog to those of humans. Both are interesting because by the end of the poem the instincts of a dog are more promising than the feast for love, "And then I no longer knew/ why I was walking to your place." These last two lines of the poem are very important. We understand that a woman, or in particular a person, who is like yourself becomes more important than love. I think Swir is attacking not necessarily those who care more about their lovers than they do other people, but more or less an attack on people who don't take notice of those who are in need of help, like the beggar woman. The speaker takes the time to do this and soon realizes how much it was worth her time and effort.

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