Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The poem I liked the most was "Utopia." The poet, Wislawa Szymborska, goes into great detail about the utopian island. She personifies many objects on the island, like the "Tree of Valid Supposition" (line 5), "the spring called Now I Get It" (line 8), and "the Lake of Deep Conviction" (line 15). Life in utopia is perfect and you know everything. Even though the island knows everything, "the island is uninhabited" (line 19). Even if you are on the island, then all the "faint footprints...turn without exception to the sea" (line 21). I like this poem because its questions one of the main premises for 'the meaning of life' for me. I believe knowing everything defeats the point to life and would get boring and dull after awhile. I also believe that life is about struggle and typing to improve yourself and your life, not perfection just being given to you. I think the poet is questioning the idea of a perfect life, or maybe even the strive for a better (or perfect) life.

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