Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gas Chamber

I feel throughout the entire short story that the tone was showing little remorse in the manner in which they killed and treated alot of their prisoners. I wouldn't use the word "like", but it was real interesting to me at the way the author came at some of his statements that he made during the story. One example is the way he used sarcasm my inplying that the weather heat was absolutely terrific. You can clearly see that he takes a rahter sarcastic side in his first couple of sentences, talking about the way in which they had arrived and the tasks they had to go through, “True, we had already passed through the delousing process . . . which so excellently poisoned lice in clothing and people in gas chambers… (Borowski).” I think by carrying on this sarcastic mood, that he is in fact trying to distance everybody away from the true fact that what really went on was cruel, insane, and inhumane.

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