Sunday, January 27, 2008

Extremists vs. moderates

I found the conflict between the radicals IRA members and the more moderate IRA members to be very interesting. When the rebellious army splits into two after the treaty with England is ratified, I felt as though it was incredibly more difficult to justify all the lives that would be lost by continuing a struggle that had a good deal less significance than it did before the treaty. This problem, in my opinion, actually may have been a greater problem than when the British army occupied the country, because in that situation it was British versus Irish. However, when some of the IRA joined the national army, the fight became one of Irishman versus Irishman, and, as we saw, literally brother against brother. It also amazes me that the Irish who continued to be part of the IRA would be so quick to condemn their less-radical brothers as traitors. It really goes to show you the reality of war and how steadfastly people hold their ideals.

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