Sunday, January 27, 2008

in response to The Wind That Shakes the Barley

I think this is a great movie that demonstrates how war has the ability to break apart families, and even gives man the power to destroy his loved ones. After Damien joined the IRA, he disappointed me through the rest of the film. The whole reason he got into the war was because he saw one of his best friends killed by the "auxies". While I understand how this can persuade a man to put his education on hold to stop the British from destroying his people, he ends up helping kill his own people, including one of his good friends.He also becomes so involved the his cause that he refuses to help his brother and save his own life. In the beginning he just wanted to help Ireland, then when the treaty came he became very passionate about the cause instead of just obtaining peace again. Damien's character is a great example of how a war can really turn a peaceful man into a killer.


Scott said...
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JAKErandall said...

I completely agree. At first, it is simply his task to protect what is his and he will do what he thinks need necessary. But after joining the IRA he feels as if it is duty. He feels obligated and forced to protect what is his and he does so with passion.