Sunday, January 27, 2008

Response to Capital Punishment

I too found the execution of the boy to be the most striking scene in the movie. I agree that no minor should ever be executed or take part in war. This portrays the lack of morality and laws during time of war. I also find it disheartening that the United States, along with Iran, are the only two countries to execute minors. If we, as a nation, execute minors, will we start sending minors to war? Many Americans are opposed to a draft, myself included, but if it prevents minors from participating in the war, I would be all for it. Under no circumstances should innocent minors be forced to fight in a war. Although disturbing, this movie did address major issues, and was overall a good film.

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JAKErandall said...

I also agree with this issue. I beleive it is rediculous, to an extent, that we as the United States of America still execute minors. Every other country in the world has figured out something more reasonable than to execute their minors, so why cant we.