Friday, January 18, 2008

Pangloss' Philosophy

All of the characters in Candide face adversity in a cyclical manner. They all suffer for a period of time and have a brief pause before engaging in the cycle once more. Each character replies with their individual conviction that helps justify or explain the situation. Candide’s philosophy, as taught to him by Pangloss, is flawed and unsatisfying for him as he suffers. The formula explains cause and effect with a result that it is for the best. However, the formula seems to observe an effect and then create the cause to the situation. The cause is that everything is perfect and it will be for the best result. The entire story does not have a best. Pangloss’ philosophy seems to answer the question why is this happening to me? There is no answer to why. However, the solution is to lead a productive life; to do what is within your individual control.

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