Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Price of Freedom

This movie is a great depiction of the many different aspects that fighting a war brings about. It not only showed the problems with morality, but also the first hand hardships that many are forced to go through when battling for their freedom. Along with getting a point of view from what the soldiers were dealing with, we also got a look into the involvement of women and the efforts, and sometimes the punishments that they receive for their actions. However, I don't necessarily agree with some of the other posts and their stance against teenagers and young adults participating in the war efforts. I believe whole-heartedly that they have every right, and possibly an obligation to put their lives on the line as well. After all, they will reap the benefits of a change in policies just as much as older generations that are already entrenched in the fight. The teenagers that were depicted in this movie, in my eyes were definitely old enough to understand their cause, and the enormity of the situation that they were dealing with. At 19 years old, I understand completely the ramifications that I would face for betraying my cause and turning over names and the locations of safe houses to enemy authorities; so I believe that the execution is completely justifiable and certainly within reason for Damien to carry out.

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