Thursday, January 17, 2008

Everything is NOT always for the best

It truly amazes me that throughout all of his adventures, trials, and tribulations, Candide still remains optimistic and is still faithful to the teachings of Pangloss. After everything Candide has endured it seems unfathomable that there is any way he could possibly believe everything that happens is for the best. He is tossed from the castle of Thunder-Ten-Tronckh, beaten, humiliated, forced to endure the hardships of war, re-united with friends numerous times only to have them stripped away yet again, and becomes the most wealthy man in the colonized world only to see that too stripped away from him by the greed of a Dutch sailor. His life is run through unimaginable hardships, and yet he presses on to be with the only woman he has always loved, but even the glory of his love is stripped from him not only by the barron, but by Cunegonde as well because of the grotesque features of her face. Candide's resilience should certainly be applauded, but he is definately not a very witty man.

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