Thursday, January 17, 2008

I think P.J. brings up a great point about the role of money in Candide. Often we think that money changes people. In Candide's case, I did not see this to be the case. As P.J. pointed out, he got into just as many troublesome situations as he did before he was wealthy. I found it particularly interesting that Candide did not seem to think of himself as moving up in class due to his new found wealth. If you consider the large sum of money Candide possessed and how he used it, he could have done much more than just buy his way out of trouble. By the end of the book, he, Martin, the Baron, Pangloss, the old woman, and Cunegonde live a life of boredom. If Candide had used his money to buy land, or even power, he could have easily set up his following for a life of luxury.

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