Thursday, January 24, 2008

Response to "The Wind That Shakes the Barley"

The movie was overall disturbing. It definitely showed the tragedy and violence of terrorism and war. There are two ideas that I would like to bring up that co-inside with the movie and Candide. The first is the idea...can justice exist in any form during war? I got this idea from the scene in the movie where they are arguing whether or not to uphold the court's decision to penalize the wealthy man for using usurious interest, but letting him off just because he helps finance the war. The second idea I started by getting from the book on page 5 about how the countries burned each other's villages according to the "strict accordance with the laws of war." From watching this movie, is there "laws of war"? Is war and terrorism really just chaos and decisions made on the whim? Or is there supposed laws to all of it? I say no, there are no laws. If there were fair laws in place, then innocent civilians would never be killed in combat. Also, no one would be killed if they were unarmed and/or had not done anything wrong (like the guy in the beginning who was killed just because he would not say his name in English).

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