Friday, January 18, 2008

Voltaire in Totality

I just got finished reading the entire book (it was yesterday), and I have to tell my fellow class mates that the book was much more interesting then I thought it would be. Coming into the book, I didn't know what to expec from a book titled Candide, but I enjoyed it. I'm not going to talk about every espect in the book that there is like we've been talking about in class, but I do want to point out one characteristic which is gender. I wanted to see what you guys thought about monkeys chasing females and snippping at their buttocks as if to flirt with them. At first reaction, I would ahve done the same thing Candide did, which was shoot the monkeys, but evidentally the females thought differently. Is having monkeys (primeapes; the closest thing in the animal world to humans), chasing after females a disrespect to the male figures? Not to sound all "mushy" or anything, but I also sort of connected with the book. On the way to becoming a successful garderner, Candide went through a hell of a lot of trials and tribulations, and in the end everything sort of turned out like Pangloss had said it would. Not only did Candide get the girl, (which he didn't even have to do that), he proved doubters wrong by marrying her as well.

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