Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cost of War

I think Pat makes a very pertinent point. The movie appears to focus heavily on the human cost of war. From a financial perspective, Damien gives up his career as a doctor to go and fight for freedom. A situation like this raises may questions. Should Damien be a loyal countryman and support the fight for freedom or should he put his future ahead of a the war? We also witness the human cost of war when the young boy is executed. If I remember correctly Damien says, "I hope this Ireland we're fighting for is worth it," when the boy is executed. This statement is powerful because it causes not only Damien but the viewers to think about what the war is causing. Should a war cost a young man his life? Another instance of the human cost of war is when the brothers are pitted against each other. This instance sums up my entire point. Is country stronger an blood? Is it right/ethical to execute a mere teenager for following orders? What loyalty do you owe your country when it could potentially tear your life and your family apart?

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