Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love and Pride

In Aime Cesaire's, Notebook Of A Return To The Native Land, more specifically lines 261-275, Cesaire talks about his return to his land. As the excert begins, he talks of going away and as he put it "I would arrive sleek and young", this gave me the idea that his homeland is a place of despair and dessolation. However, he doesn't forget his land, he refers to it as "the loam" that is part of his flesh. It reflects the saying, "Never forget where you come from", and him saying this shows his pride and love for his native land. "Embrace me without fear . . . And if all I can do is speak, it is for you I shall speak", this statement captured me because, he wants his people and his land to know that he is there for them and whatever his land needs he will do it no matter what.
After reading Cesaire's work I was reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Cesaire wants to be the voice of his people, and he is willing to whatever it takes. "My mouth shall be the mouth of those calamities that have no mouth . . ." Cesaire's choice of words are vivid and powerful; just like Dr. King, he sparks change through his words and less through his actions (however, writing this poem is an action).

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