Friday, February 29, 2008

Exile in Indiana

I've been trying to think about being an exile and so I read some other people's ideas on the subject. The best I can come up with happened my freshman year at Wabash as  moved from Texas to Indiana. I tried my best to appreciate Hoosier ideas (basketball, corn mazes, and that crazy white stuff that falls from the sky when it's cold) and I feel I have assimilated fairly nicely and even intend to stick around in the state following my imminent graduation. The time I notice most distinctly is my inability to play Euchre. Every natural born Hoosier I have meant knows how to do it and whenever it is played I sit on the outskirts of the table to hide my shame in not knowing how to play. Hopefully I will remedy that situation, but for now I am to content to play Spades with the rest of my Texan buds. 

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