Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exile at Wabash College

It was a regular day coming back in from Christmas Break. It was the 26th of December and the basketball team had arrived back on campus for 2 days of practice before heading off to a 4 day tournament to San Antonio, Texas. On campus I live at College Hall, and at that time I was the only one in the entire building, besides the manager who had to come back as well. As approached my door just like any other time walking to my room, I seemed to have noticed inscribed on my door a very hurtful and volatile phrase that should not be repeated. At first reaction, my immediate action was to call my good friend Earl Rooks, who was also there for the basketball team practice we had later that night. Immediately he came over and also saw what was posted on our door, and was overwhelmed with disgust. Investigations would soon follow, but no real perpetrator would arise.
This is my example of exile here at my beloved school of Wabash College. I felt like I was being ran out by either the students at the school itself, or some of the people in the community. I had done nothing wrong, and my roommate had done nothing wrong either, especially do deserve this. For weeks we pondered about what we should do, and our final verdict was to stick it through and beat the odds that were stacked up against us. To me this was exile, but not exile from my country, or my house, or my own city, but this was exile from my school that I shall try and spend the next 3 years of my life.

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