Thursday, February 14, 2008


Cesaire speaks of returning to the land from which he came and returning to all the "hideousness" of it. However, he is a new man this time around and he has come with thought of influence in mind. He is courageous and wants to stand for what he believes in. This courage is known as the Negritude movement. His call is to let black people know that they need a common voice.

African Americans need a voice, period. Cesaire says he is more than willing to be the "mouth of those who do not have mouths." The land he comes back to should "Embrace him without fear," because the African Americans should stand together as he is willing to stand for all African Americans. Those that break down in confinement should break down no more; they should stand up. I really admire the courage of Cesaire to stand up for a whole race of people. He really puts his virtue into action to make a profound influence.

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