Thursday, February 28, 2008

A different type of exile

Believe it or not, the times when I felt most exiled were the times when I went away to baseball recruiting camps for college before I made the decision of coming here. I wanted so badly the chance to play at the divsion 1 level and wanted to do so well at the camp. I had dreams of being at the school even when I was at the camps. It never worked out though. When I arrived at the camps, the atmosphere is so competitive there. Hardly anyone wanted to talk, they were too busy trying to show their skills. It was really different from the world of baseball that I used to know...just go out and have fun. Baseball turned into a business trip at the camps. I really felt exiled at the colleges and felt as though every move was being criticized by the college coaches. It was really uncomfortable. I am glad I am playing baseball here where I can play and feel like myself, having fun.

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