Thursday, February 14, 2008

His Return

Lines 261-275 in Aime Cesaire's poem are very powerful. By reading some of his backround information you can tell that he is unsure of what he is going to come back to. He has been away for long enough time that he is unsure what is going to be different or the same. In lines 264 and 265 he displays this by saying "I have wandered dor a long time and I am coming back to the deserted hideousness of your sores."
He knows he is going to stand up for his country and support it no matter the circumstances. He quotes, "...and if all i can do is speak, it is for you I shall speak." Even if he has been away for some time, he remembers where he came form and will stand up for it.
I like the way Cesaire set this poem up because he makes you feel as if you are there going through the things he is. As i was reading this passage I imagined myself going away from home for a long time then coming back. I would not know what to think or feel until I had came back.

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