Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Aime Cesaire expresses his true and real feelings throughout the lines 261-275. In my opinion Cesaire expresses his love and distaste for his land through an interesting dichotomy. He utters his concern and how he would go about helping those in need of help. In the first line we get his sense of care and love for his home country: "My heart was poudning with emphatic generosities". From the very beginning we are told he has strong feelings towards his country. He feels like he needs to help his strife striken country. Cesaire feels like he can make a difference, but expresses his distaste in the direction his country has taken. He explains when he goes to his land how he would want the natives to "embrace [him] without fear...and if all [he] can do is speak, it is for [them] [he] shall speak". This is powerful in saying that he speaks for the entire country and he wants them to accept pretty much anything he has to say. By the end of the lines Cesaire really expresses his pessimistic view of the country. He hints at the slave trade that occured in his country, however in lines 269-71 he gives hope to those who have no voice. This is really interesting because even though he expresses his distaste for his country he really wants to change the way things are. This is a really admirable thing to do for a circumstance such as this.

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