Monday, March 31, 2008

Capital Punishment

The movie we viewed last week in class involved a lot of themes such irony, karma, just cause, etc. However the main point of the story involved the question of whether or not capital punishment is a just punishment or not. Viewing the movie it is evident that the police officials didn't consider this, however the lawyer did. The themes, irony and karma, stand out in the movie. I will begin with the irony; in the movie the man that is arrested and sentenced to death, a death that will occur by being hung by rope. This is ironic because this man killed the taxi driver by choking him to death with a rope. This also implies karma; if the taxi driver had not been so cruel to possible passengers he could have had another citizen in his car that did have intent of killing him. There is also karma with the man that was hung, because his cause of death was by the object of which he caused death.

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