Sunday, March 16, 2008

Neruda's "Walking Around"

Nerdua"s poem, "Walking Around", is a in depth look of what Neruda's life is like and what his feelings are toward his life and his community. The tone of the poem is angry, sad, fed up and bored. The first line of the poem shows what type of feeling the poem was written in, "It happens that I am tired of being a man"; this outright shows the type of feelings he has about himself and what he is. Throughout the poem, Neruda uses vivid descriptions to describe his town such as, " . . . to hospitals where the bones come out of the windows . . . there are mirrors which should have wept with shame and horror . . ." Statements like these give the idea that not only does he not want to be there but that no one else should come there either. The poem in its wholeness tells the story of how fed up and how sad Neruda is in his town. He ends the poem describing how the clothes lines are filled with underpants, towels and shirts that are even crying.

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