Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Short Film about Killing

In this film by Kieslowski, capital punishment and right vs. wrong are two major themes. capitol punishment is questioned if its justified or not. The taxi driver could have picked up any of those customers he rejected, and he would have never picked up his murderer instead. its ironic that the guy was killed with rope and then the murderer was also killed by a rope (a hanging). It questions the justification of capital punishment. Is killing a person because they killed some one else...justice? is it humane in any way? I believe you are still committing murder yourself when you are killing a murderer under the supposed umbrella of capital punishment and "justice." As for right & wrong, the film questions whether a crime is justified or deserved, like when a murderer deserves death because of his deed...or the taxi driver deserves death because he is a 'bad' person.

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