Sunday, March 16, 2008

Classic Love Loss Story...In Detail

We've all heard the classic regretful break up story, about how we let the love of our live's slip away. The heartbreak/regret that Neruda writes about in "Tonight I Can Write..." is this cliched topic. Did I spell cliche right? However, it is a real talent of Neruda in describing his feelings through these love poems of his. He describes in intricate detail the feelings that most of us can relate to in our own lives. The thought of that person becoming another's...heartwrenching, until one can get over it. I've personally experienced this one. When you lose her, you start thinking about her and her good qualities that you'll miss, "Her bright body", "Her voice", or "Her infinite eyes." The nights do really seem more immense when alone. Neruda's feelings about love are deeply expressed throughout this poem and many of his other's I'm sure.

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