Sunday, March 30, 2008

Capitol Punishment

The first thing that rang ironic to me was the way both individuals dies, which was by strangulation with a rope. One discussion point that pops in my head about the manner in which they perform it is that, are both way unjustly? I know that he commited a murder that was ruthless and seemed as if he had no remorse for what he did. Does that make the fact that he received the death sentence and got hung, right?
I believe that the death sentence served it's purpose in the "playout" of the movie, and also serves it's purpose in today's lifetime.
I was a little confused in the movie when they kept going from scene to scene during the entirety of the movie. One scene would be a meeting with gentlemen sitting at a round table and then it would switch back to the scenes with the 20 year old man, who eventually commited a horrible crime. The movie also makes me think about karma. Throughout the entire movie the taxi cab driver who eventually gets killed was avoiding and being rude to potential customers. I believe that if he picked up just one of those customers, the customers would have led him possibly to the other side of town, way out of the path of the murderer. Due to his bad actions, I believe that karma caught back up with him, which enforces my belief as, "treat others as you would like to be treated."

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